What you can get

We offer solutions based on Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Theory Of Constrains in four main fields:

  • new technology and design research
  • production efficiency
  • process quality analyse and improve
  • supply chain management

1. Product development

We can develop your product in following areas:

  • costs of goods sold
  • new materials
  • new components
  • better operating performance
  • getting closer to voice of client
  • excellence and simplicity in design

2. Production improvement

Bring your production to higher standard level. We are ready to drill down your production process and help you to increase all key performance indicators.

  • investigate all constrains
  • stream value mapping
  • optimisation and standardise each production process

3. Process quality

Let your business get closer to your client!

We can give you:

  • define process from very beginning to very end
  • measure key aspects
  • analyse and investigate cause and effect relationship
  • optimize process capability
  • implement control system

4. Supply chain

Are you interested in more flexibility of production or reduction of stock value?

  • We can provide you very well access to low cost region like China, India, Turkey or East Europe (depend on your production volume).
  • We can research for you the most suitable model of warehouse management system and way of purchase forecasting.
  • We can develop your logistic in all supply chain.